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Nothing sets the foundation of a "work hard, play hard" mantra like a curated space. Whether you're trying to ramp up the productivity at home or inspiring a team to do inspiring things, efficiency and aesthetic go hand in hand. We know a thing or two about getting to work, but more importantly, we're pros at helping other people do the same. Coming up, here are our top seven Consort-designed workspaces that are as oriented around task as they are around taste.





If you're a Consort superfan, you're no stranger to Jessica Alba's home, one of our favorite design projects to date. What you may be less familiar with is our work on the headquarters for her booming home goods business, The Honest Company. To translate her love of green design and casual sensibilities into a space as cozy as it is efficient, we sourced locally to integrate the maximum amount of vintage possible. So, how do you create a space that feels as much at-home as it does efficient? Let's just say, we weren't strangers to our local florist.



One piece of oft-forgotten logic in designing a home office is the trickiness of translating the themes of your home into a productive nook. For our Sterling Mason project, we set the foundation of our concept with a soothing dark wall and cool espresso wood tones. To enlighten this otherwise mellow palette and promote a sense of alertness, we positioned the workspace near plenty of natural light and brightened things up with brass accents for added luminescence. 



As more and more offices adopt open floor plans and send the cubicle the way of the taxi, the closed-off private office isn't far behind. Not only does a glass-enclosed office communicate a sense of transparency, it lends itself perfectly to layouts optimized for natural light. For the private offices in venture capital firm Greycroft's loft-y DTLA space, we focused on a neutral palette to serve as mellow alternative to the rest of the workplace's vibrant color story. Utilizing pops of color in art and florals is a great way to make this kind of shift feel cohesive in a flexible, finite way.



"Hey, do you have time for a quick chat?" From 3-hour conferences to quick brainstorms, the meeting room is likely the most productive space in any office. When we did Jen Atkin's headquarters for Mane Addicts, her one-stop shop for all things hair, we wanted to build a space that struck the same balance of focus and frivolity as the most killer of hairstyles. Sometimes, a funky table lamp moment or pink floral pop is all you really need to take your space to the next level.



 They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. That's why those in the know understand that the best way to make your office feel like a second sanctuary starts with the snacks. Though it's hard for us to pick just one standout from our work on the REVOLVE Social Club, this black-on-black-on-black moment seals the deal. Some people may advise against mixing your matte blacks with their glossy cousins, but hey, when it works, it works.



For some, the first steps to a productive workflow are relaxation and a clean canvas. For others, it's a palm print wall. Our Venice Beach project embodies creative chaos in all the best ways, from its playful jungle color story to its shaggy white graphic rug. If we had to pick a favorite moment, it'd have to be the color-blocked tchotchke shelf–though that yellow table lamp is more than deserving of an honorable mention.



Even if you're a stranger to Circle Talent Agency, you've probably heard of their roster–from DJ Mustard to Insane Clown Posse, they represent some of the biggest names in electronic and alternative music. So how did we carry that liveliness over into the workplace? Well, for starters, look at that Haring-esque wall. Swoon. From there, even the most muted velvets and earthiest leathers pulsed with life. Speaking of life, nothing gave us ours like that luxe minimal-modern accent chair in hunter green. Score.


But the décor doesn't stop there. For even more interior insights, click here to dive into our design portfolio.

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