A How To Handbook For Handling Last Minute Guests

(Hint: booze helps)

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Whether its an impromptu drop in from the in laws, an “I happened to be in the neighborhood” from an old fling, or a quick breeze through by a parole officer, we’ve all had one of those last minute visits that have sent us scurrying to set our places in order. Check out the tools and tips below on not only how to graciously host these grin-and-bear-it guests, but also make your place appear presentable, polished, and pretty—pronto.


Spruce Up Your Place With Some Scent

You know the feeling: you fling open the door after a long day of work, drop your bag, and ask aloud: “ugh, what’s that smell?” The last thing you want when your guests arrive is for them to wonder the same. Whatever the olfactory challenge you're working with, we’ve got the goods to combat it.

Petal Candle by Boy Smells ($30) 


Love Atmosphere Aromatic by Sandoval ($45)

Golda Hiba Wood Incense by Studio Cue ($24)

Offer Guests A Generous Pour

There’s a reason that social gatherings have featured alcohol since the very invention of alcohol: it loosens people up, takes the edge off a potentially tense situation, and makes everyone (and every apartment) look just a little bit prettier. Combine the dazzling distraction power of a gorgeous barware set with the beguiling effects of booze, and your guests will be sure to overlook that pile of shoes by the front door and that stack of paperwork you’ve been meaning to put away. Believe us when we tell you: a good bar cart can hide a multitude of sins.

Sphere Stopper Glass Decanter ($225)


Sphere Glass by Nate Cotterman ($110)


Spiked Shot Glass by Neptune Glassworks ($100)


Have Munchies On Hand

Studies have shown that it’s incredibly hard for uninvited guests to ask awkward personal questions or pry too deeply into someone’s life when their mouths are full of delicious snacks. Here are some pretty little vessels to set out with nuts, sweets, or Quaaludes—whatever the particular occasion demands.

Black Polka Bowl by Matthew Ward ($295)


Malka Dina Dew Serving Bowl ($175)


Dark Confetti Bowl by Workaday Handmade ($90)


Send The Right Signals

Typically, a host or hostess can let out a dramatic yawn or begin the blowing out of candles, and guests will get the hint that maybe it’s time to mosey on home. If you’ve tried these cues to no avail, it may be time to pull out the big guns. Try putting on your nightly face mask, popping in your retainer, and wrapping yourself in one of these “I’m totally ready for bed” blankets.


Cotton Throw with Black Tufts ($500)


Mud Cloth PomPom Throw by Erin Fetherston x Fragments Identity ($225)


Gray and White Cashmere Throw with Fringe ($1200)

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