How Our Blinkbar Redo Inspired Our Latest Design Obsession

Eyes Eyes Baby.
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For Blinkbar’s WeHo location, we reimagined the eyelash extension destination as a chic, Italian-modern-inspired salon designed in the Pantone colors of the year. But our inspiration ultimately extended beyond the lash: creating a cutting-edge glam space for Blinkbar inspired a whole new design trend for us. We just can't get enough eye contact: we're obsessed with eyes in artwork and objects as the perfect home accents. 

Scroll for a look at Blinkbar's feminine, modern space mixed with some of our favorite eye-catching décor finds.

International Pop by Darsie Alexander ($85)


"Knowing Eyes" by Caris Reid ($2300)


Seeing Eye Tumbler by Workaday Handmade ($34)


Do the eyes have it? Let us know if you share our eye obsession in the comments below. 

Photos: Koury Angelo

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