Our 10 Favorite Ways To Decorate With Body Language

Let me hear your body talk. 

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The flaxen-haired musical muse that is Olivia Newton John once sang—nay, implored"let me hear your body talk," and who are we to deny her? As long as there have been humans and their bodies, we've been using anatomy as a means to communicate when our words just fall short. We here at Consort say why limit these avenues of expression to real live humans, when you can use their inanimate counterparts for a dramatic decor moment? Sometimes a good disembodied hand or a steely-gazed eyeball, a hefty bronze boob or a sultry, moody nude can set the perfect tone for a room and add that certain anatomical "je ne sais quoi" that elevates a space from lackluster to downright loquacious.

Scroll for our favorite ways we use the human form to haute effect. Here's looking at you, Olivia:

The GiGi Bookends by Black Market Design Lab ($795)
"Big Bey" by Matt Maust ($2,246)
Green Felix Jar by Matthew Ward Studio ($165)
"Underwear" by Nicole Cohen ($375.00)
Brass Skull ($200)
Seeing Eye Bowl by Workaday Handmade ($58)
Silver "Peace" Hand ($185)
"Kolorblock Nude VI" by Kristen Giorgi of NG Collective Studio ($850)
"A-cup" Pillows by Virginia Sin ($225)
Brass "I Love You" Hand ($185)

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