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As an artist, stylist, television host, and interior designer, Jeremiah Brent is known for his incredibly chic, tasteful eye for high fashion, furniture, and interiors alike. Recently, Brent has teamed up with Aura for a new take on a classic holiday staple: the picture frame. Aura, a smart digital frame, simplifies the process of displaying your best photos by automatically uploading from your phone and offering easy control to change images to suit the mood of any occasion. Our favorite part of Consort’s Aura? It fits in perfectly with our cutting-edge classic design style, and we've got the pictures from our shop below to prove it. A tech device that brings personal photography into any modern, chic home is something we’re willing to swipe right for (and Oprah agrees).

Below, we talk with Jeremiah Brent about design, family, and finding the perfect holiday gift this December. Read on for the full interview!

Photo: Becky Siegel

Consort: How would you describe your interior design aesthetic?

Jeremiah Brent: I suppose I would describe my design aesthetic as Elevated California Modern, but in reality, my style is so fluid. I find myself playing with mixes a lot: high and low; vintage and modern; dark and light. My style also tends to be very neutral — I like to emphasize visual interest through textures, materials, and lighting. Overall, I try not to stay too enclosed in any one “style” box — I think that it keeps my design fresh and it keeps me unafraid of new techniques and ideas.

C: How does having a family inspire you to keep current photos on display in your home?

B: I’ve always had a sentimental side, but starting my family with Nate really tipped that over the edge. I love seeing glimpses of Nate, Poppy, and our extended family throughout the home. My friends and family have always been a HUGE part of my life, and I have always believed that those visual reminders are such an amazing motivation to give energy to those truly important relationships.

Photo: Consort Design

C: Tell us a little bit about why you love Aura frames.

B: I love Aura frames because it’s such a beautiful way to display multiple images. Sometimes gallery walls can look busy, or you might just not have space to showcase that many photos. The beauty of the Aura frame is that it does all the work for you and saves you tons of space. Plus, it’s always a surprise to see which photo will appear next.

Photo: Monica Wang Photography

C: When it comes to sharing photos from your phone with Aura, how many photos are too many? About how many do you think you have right now?

B: Would it be bad if I said that I could never have enough photos? Especially when it comes to my daughter, I’m not sure there’s a rational limit for me… But practically speaking, I like to keep about 20 photos on rotation. It keeps it fresh, and it’s a good reminder for me to switch them out once in a while to include new photos or to bring back some old ones that I love.

C: Where do you display your Aura at home?

B: I love having my Aura in a space that I use frequently, so that it’s always a wonderful surprise to see the new photo in the frame. And where else do you find you constantly spend time than the kitchen? I think a lot of people would assume that the living room or bedroom would be the obvious answer, but for me, I think the kitchen is really the heart and the meeting place in almost any home.

Photo: Monica Wang Photography

C: With it being holiday season, we have to ask - what's your favorite part of holiday gift shopping?

B: I love holiday shopping for my loved ones — there’s nothing that makes me happier than picking out a present that’s truly meaningful or one of a kind. It doesn’t have to break the bank, and it doesn’t have to be the most creative present in the world, but it SHOULD mean something to the recipient. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than that.

C: Can you give us your top five holiday gift picks?

B: It’s tricky, because I firmly believe that gifts should be individual between the gifter and the giftee. However, I have always been a fan of giving jewelry, and especially watches — it’s really a timeless (no pun intended) gift. Other favorites gifts are: antique or vintage knick-knacks (maybe a small decor item, or set of coasters or barware), special experiences (spa days for friends who have new babies, dinners out or theatre tickets for good friends you never get to see, etc), or even meaningful DIY or homemade items. And, of course, the Aura frame definitely makes my list of great gifts this year.

Photo: Consort Design

C: What makes Aura the perfect holiday gift for someone on the "nice" list?

B: I think that the Aura makes a great gift because it IS so personal — you fill it with your memories, the special moments, and the people you love. It’s a gift that immediately becomes individual to the person using it.

Photo: Consort Design

Lightning Round


C: What is your first memory?

B: My first crystal clear memory was dancing around the living room with my mom. Embarrassingly, we were rocking out to Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine.

C: What is the first space you designed?

B: When I was a child, I took it upon myself to redecorate my entire bedroom — from that time on, I was hooked. My mom finally agreed to let me update and redesign my room once a year after that.

C: What can you first remember really wanting?

B: I remember being absolutely obsessed with the idea of getting a red lava lamp to match my red futon. I don’t think I ever wanted anything more than that lava lamp. Well, that and I remember REALLY wanting a Teddy Ruxpin at some point.

C: What’s the first holiday gift you can remember?

B: One year, my grandmother gave me a Troll doll. And it wasn’t one of the small ones, it was the giant Troll. I thought it was the coolest thing, and for years I felt so special because she picked out THAT specific big one for me. With 10 grandkids, it felt like an honor.


C: What was your last phone call?

B: I just recently got off the phone with my mom — we were discussing plans for the holidays and for Christmas.

C: What was your last meal?

B: Nate and I had a delicious dinner at Sunset Tower on a double date with my best friend/manager extraordinaire, Libby, and her husband. I had a crab salad and it was everything.

C: When was the last time you were drunk?

B: Oh, wow… well, when was the last time that I had time to be an adult and was sober? Welcome to parenthood, folks.

C: What was the last emoji you used?

C: Always and forever the “praise” emoji. I use it all the time. I’m sure my friends are sick of it by now, but it’s my go-to response to most things.

C: When was your last vacation?

B: Nate and I just went to Mexico for a friend’s wedding. It was a real, grown-up trip — just the two of us — and it was so incredibly nice to have that little getaway. But it was equally nice to be able to return to our lives and our daughter.


What's on your holiday gift shopping list? Let us know in the comments, then head over to Consort's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide to browse for more great gifts for everyone on your list!

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