Our Simple Tip To Lighten Up For Spring

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May is only a week away, which means it’s time to say a friendly farewell to cold weather with a few final steps to transition our homes for spring and summer. For these finishing touches, we like to focus on a few key words for the perfect spring feeling at home: Light. Fresh. Breezy. So what’s the best way to translate these descriptors turn into décor? We have one insider tip when you’re going for a light, refreshing vibe at home this spring: Keep it clear.

Clear furniture is a great way to give any living space a lighter, brighter appeal. Lucite, acrylic, and glass all give a weightless finish that instantly lifts the room with a more open feeling. Instead of breaking up a space, transparent tabletops and legs help a room to feel larger since you can literally see right through them.

Read on for 5 rooms that showcase clear furniture in moments of sheer genius.

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Want to add seating in a space without making the room feel too crowded? Try a chair with lucite legs. The clear base will give the appearance of floating to keep the space looking light, but with the clear bonus of giving guests an extra space to park when they stop by to visit. 


Black Leather Chair with Lucite Arms ($1800)


Photo: Daniel Collopy

A clear coffee table is a simple solution to keep a layered living room feeling light. A glass-top table means you have a practical surface for setting drinks down (in between sips) or showcasing coffee books (for display, not for reading) without disrupting the view of the chic vintage rug.  


Allium Coffee Table ($2700)


Photo: Mat Sanders

When it comes to workspace, we could always use an opportunity to lighten up. Keep a clear head at the home office with a clear desk that will prevent any work talk from taking a heavy turn.


Dexter Acrylic Desk by Consort ($1600)

Photo: Phil Sanchez

Clear accent pieces give a space additional texture and dimension without closing off the room. Functional surface areas without sacrificing chic, clean lines? It's a win-win.


Switchback Coffee Table ($2600)


Photo: Monica Wang for Rue Magazine 

For a fresh take on a sculptural coffee table, go with glass. Because showing off chic ceramics and other décor shouldn't come at the expense of maintaining breezy vibes in a space.


Paolo Piva Style Coffee Table ($1725)


Now, it's your turn--tell us your favorite way to lighten up for spring in the comments below!

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