Our Favorite Coffee Table Styling Secrets

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So you just scored the coffee table of your dreams. You've got it placed just right in your space, the room feels more balanced than ever, and then it hits you–there's nothing on it. It's okay, deep breath, we've got you covered.

Real décor junkies know that styling a coffee table is so much more than a couple magazines and your favorite floral tossed on a surface–this is your home, not your dentist's office. But how do you strike visual gold without overloading your tabletop with curation chaos? After the jump, we're breaking down our favorite Consort-styled coffee tables that are oh-so-cocktail party ready.



Don't be afraid to get low. When we were arranging Chiara Ferragni's space, we created the illusion of height by stacking tchotckes and books on the floor beneath her super-low coffee table. This, combined with a sparse styling moment, gave the space a wide range of dimension without over-cluttering the table itself.


Resin Skull Sculpture ($396)



While we're talking arrangements, let's focus on florals. Not always necessary. That's right, you heard it here first, sometimes a lil' green is all you need. For this coffee table in the entryway of our L.A. showroom (6918 Melrose, come say hi!), we chose a lush, leafy shrub to compliment the masculinity of our matte ceramic tabletop décor.

Large Costa Dish by Franca ($84)




Like likes like, right? Not necessarily. While taking the matchy-matchy patch will almost always "work" for your space, a mix of materials will create a much more interesting message. Maintain a variety of textures in mind and you'll keep eyes on your table longer for all the right reasons.

Rectangular Tray ($245) 


A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a thousand words accompanying some fire photography? Priceless. Not only will an interesting collection of books keep your guests entertained (and make you look smart as hell), striking covers and elegant binding can elevate your table just as much as the boldest ashtray.

 Forever Butt by Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers ($40)



Don't let yourself get lost in the design shuffle. As much fun as creating the perfect space in your home can be, it doesn't mean the same thing if it doesn't reflect you. When choosing tabletop décor, make your own tastes and interests the first point of references. This cocktail table (styled to perfection by our East Coast Senior Designer, Tyson Ness) showcases a spread that provides instant personality insight and, for that reason alone, works.

Expletive F*ck Vase Set by Robert Siegel ($148)


This design rule may not be applicable across the board, but with the right collection of like objects, a matching set can be a match made in heaven. For this table in our NYC shop, we used one of our fave Matthew Ward sets to anchor the eye (pun fully intended) and build around it with geometrically liberal brass that, while not officially a set of their own, continued a theme of pairs. And after all, having a full collection is always kind of a stunt.


Green Felix Bowl by Matthew Ward Studio ($225)


 Every once in a while, less can totally be more. For this bold bowl table, we limited our styling to a single book, a small sample of our favorite trinkets confined to trays, and a simple tulip arrangement of modest height. If your table has any sort of lip, overloading the space can create the illusion of a "full bowl", so don't be afraid of knowing when to say when. That said, we couldn't resist throwing in a brass hand. Could you?

 Wall Brass Hand ($198)


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