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Looking to design a room with a personality as colorful as your own? It can be challenging to capture the right vibe with only one hue. But when it comes to color, sometimes it’s OK to split rather than commit. Take it from us: Color blocking is a bold solution for breaking up a space or a surface with 2 or more colors. 

We’re not ones to cite color theory, but we do know this: When it comes to color, some spaces are best suited for smooth transitions (we see you, gradients) and others call for sharper contrast. In the case of the latter, we love the way that color blocking integrates two tones using clean lines and geometric shapes. We even painted our Melrose shop with geometric blocks of color adorning the walls. But painting is just one way to get the color-blocked look in the home; in fact, there are plenty of amazing options in textiles, art, and décor to create blocks of color in any space.

Below, check out our tips to get the look of 5 color-blocked Consort rooms with some color-blocked favorites from our shop.

Divide and Conquer with a Diagonal Line



Create Quadrants

Photo: Christopher Patey

Cashmere Black and White Quadrant Pillow by Consort ($250)
Color Inside the Lines

Photo: Christopher Patey

Mary Heilmann: Looking at Pictures by Lydia Yee ($45)

Mix Blocks of Black, White and Blush

Tusten II Table Lamp by Pletz ($1895)

Remember That 'X' Marks the Spot

Quilt No. 1 by Louise Gray ($425)

Ready to block? Let us know which tip you'll follow in the comments!  

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