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Tray chic.

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One of the saddest realities of being a functioning, attractive human being is that it typically requires a whole bunch of supplies to make us appear that way. Whether it's lotions and serums in the bathroom, spices and oils in the kitchen, or a big old mess of keys in the foyer, these items are used so often that, even though it may visually pain us, it makes no practical sense to stash them from view. 

Crowding these items in a corner or making a leaning tower of stuff is not a cute look, which is why, many eons ago, the decor gods from on high bestowed on us mere messy mortals the greatest organizational essential: the tray.

Not only do they serve a literal, physical function of corralling objects together so they don't creep across your countertops, but trays also serve a visual purpose too, by uniting like (or similar) items in a visually-cohesive way.

Whether your aesthetic is modern and metallic, worldly and wooden, or colorful and collected, we've got a tray or two to fit the bill. Take a scroll stroll to find your perfect new weapon in the war against clutter.

Circular Brass Serving Tray ($185)
Unity Walnut Tray ($55)
Unity Half Circle Dusty Blue Tray ($75)
Chris Earl Tray ($245)
Unity 1/4 Circle Rose Tray ($50)
Santa Cruz Big Wave Tray ($150)
Blush Glass and Copper Triangle Tray ($55)

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