Create, Don’t Imitate: The Making of an Original


3 Ways Avoid Design Imitation.

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Inspiration—we’ve just about reached inspiration overload in this business. There are so many images and so many ways to collect them now. And there’s a little bit of danger in going overboard with all this inspiration.

People can get obsessed with their inspirations.  They can get too attached. They can end up wanting to just duplicate or copy what they see, down to every last detail. Where’s the fun in that? Our golden design rule is to trust your taste!  Don’t worry about whether things will “go together”.  Your personal style and point of view will be the common thread that makes a space “go”.

If you still need a few guidelines, we've got three ways to avoid design imitation and be original.

One of a Kind Vintage Finds


Michael Caine on Canvas ($2,925)


Original Artwork

Photo: Reid Rolls

"£UV" by Matt Maust ($4,499)


Custom Furniture

Freddie Bench with Striped Cushion and Brass Shelf by Consort ($2500)


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