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If you're tired of the mass produced, commercial furniture that's available in most stores, it might be time to take a look at custom pieces. Just like a bespoke suit can take you from sloppy to sexy, we believe that sometimes adding a little made-to-order to your design can do just the same for your interiors.

But we know. We know… Custom furniture. The words sound a little daunting. They conjure up ideas of long lead times. And if you have any experience with custom or bespoke anything, you probably know that the words themselves will often add another zero to the cost of the product. But we want to take the mystery out of “custom” and unpack it a little.

Mass-produced furniture might look good at first but looks uninteresting and does not last long-term. The only thing they're offering is a cheap price. Designing your own custom made furniture is a rewarding, fulfilling experience. Imagine how satisfying it would be to design your own custom made furniture. You'll get unique pieces with superb craftsmanship - the right answer for a person who prefers new furnishings worthy of comparison with the finest antiques. Furniture that is made to order lets you know that you are receiving items that will be durable for the future years to come, and show your personal style and what you like.

To make things even easier, bring us in to help bring your vision to life. We have all this down pat, and we can make the perfect piece just for you and your space.


Zed Brass Nightstand by Consort ($5200)

Round Metal Framed Mirror by Consort ($1699)




Erez Floating Credenza with Leather Slings by Consort ($2900)



Slice Dining Table with Brass Legs by Consort ($13000)


Susie Italian Modern Chair by Consort ($3000)


James Credenza ($4750)


Can't find the perfect fit? Let us make it for you!

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