How to Curate the Perfect Date-Ready Living Room

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So you’ve been bitten by the love bug again and decided to give the dating apps one more chance. Finally, one day, a stranger’s attractive profile picture and clever bio grabs your attention. A few zodiac exchanges, several .GIFs and surface convos in, you’ve finally set a date night to actually meet in person! Great, no problem. You’ll choose a restaurant and it’s a done deal. Then they hit you with the “Actually, I’d love to see your place” curveball. Shoot. The bad news: you can’t kick your roommates out. The good news: you CAN make sure your living room is date ready with these tips!




A bookshelf is commonly used to show off your interests and intellect. However, for date night, it's a way to shelf your best self. Use the surface area to show off any personal accolades you’ve achieved (i.e awards, accomplishments, and memories–especially memories). This is a way to demonstrate both your highest honors and a soft side. For example, a snap of you and grandma can spark a modest conversation about your love for family, winning you your first set of brownie points for the night.



So you’re not fortunate enough to install that state-of-the-art Alexa-commanded lighting. Big whoop. Create your own. Floor lamps have the ability to be strategically placed around a room (hint: use one that is on top of where you are sitting) to offer specific points of lighting that offer the same effect as dimmers in order to set a sexy ambiance. Besides, when things get heated, these lamps can lie within arms reach–ready to put out a light...or two.



You know what they say, “it’s not the size of the boat…” Have a small living room? No problemo. Use statement mirrors to add depth to a space without tearing down walls. Seen here, we used a round mirror directly above the sofa to elongate the room. As a dual-purpose (or perhaps it’s actual purpose) your guest can use the mirror as a touch-up station while you get up to grab them their next drink.



We all need a social lubricant when meeting someone for the first time. Make sure you’re stocked up in a stylish way. A bar cart is an easy setup for creating the “bar” effect, but even better, you can offer options to your guests especially when the Instagram stalking you did was staged and they end up actually hating white wine. More is more, boo. Stock up.

Side note: bar cart not your thing? Use an end table to create an equally-chic option.



Rugs serve two purposes: they tie a room together and create a sense of comfort. Comfort is key when hosting a date night. One social cue that comes with a rug is that shoes must be removed. This automatically makes all guests feel more at home, and offers the opportunity to cozy up together.

Black Aya Rug ($698)


Greenery has this certain quality that always makes any situation light. From a design aspect, it adds color and (depending on floral choice) can give off a pleasant aroma. From a dating standpoint, it is a cheaper way of showing you can care for something without letting it die. A sure win on all sides!



For those that are fortunate to have a fireplace, a mantel is another surface area that can be dressed to impress. Similarly to our note on bookshelves, feel free to reserve this space (due to its limited dimensions) to exhibit things you’ve personally collected that offer both a decor element and a bit of your personality.




Art has such a versatile function to it that even if your furniture select is sparse, it would be enough to draw the eye and immediately establish a style or personality. That’s a bit extreme -- even for minimalist design -- but you get it. However, for your date night, this is a way to impress your guest, show them taste, and presents an easy icebreaker to avoid those awkward silences.




I know what you’re thinking...what’s so special about a coffee table, right? Wrong. For dates it IS one of the most important decor pieces of the night. Envision this: you’re both laughing it up, feeling each others’ vibes, but then there’s a constant disruption because you need a refill, or the phone that’s been charging is a room away keeps ringing and you have to get up to get it. What a buzzkill! Minimize that by having a coffee table within arms’ reach that’s stylish and convenient. Shown here, we used one that kept the natural shape from that which it was cut from. 

Allium Coffee Table ($2,860)

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