Five Fashion Month Trends Translated to Décor

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Fashion month came and went, and if you were worried that you weren’t able to attend because of the wave of influencers stealing all the front row seats, no worries. We’ve got you covered on the top five trends from the Big 4 that translate beautifully into interiors.



Whether you're styling a look or a home, nothing empowers like a heaping dose of femininity. Seen down the runway, dresses that act more like feathers in the wind than garments are taking the lead in whites and lighter blush tones. Pink is one of those colors that has always been synonymous with delicate–but let’s face it–it's also a hue that can be a bit overbearing in a space. Try softening the palette by incorporating accents that nod to the blush. Élan Café does it via cushions on chairs in their chic space that mimic the delicate floral arrangement throughout the eatery.




Moody but not black, there’s an element of mystery craving to be shone off this fall. It’s the balance between light and dark, innocent yet coquettish, that’s both striking and alluring. By combining these elements, there’s a shift in how we see things before us with an eye that is extremely discerning for detail. Mimicking the juxtaposition of a gothic gown with floral prints (as seen in Erdem), this bathroom also creates this of-the-moment contrast. By playing with the heavy influx of natural light with mirrors combined with the reflections found in the subtle use of metals, met by an otherwise dark backdrop, a sense of allure is exuded in every corner of this space.



Slowly, but surely, the 80’s have been making their way back into our closets and our homes. What started as more modern takes on the staple exaggerated shoulder pads, is now in a full disco-ball effect that shine well into 2018 and beyond. In interiors, this could possibly cause a seizure (I mean, really girl), so opt for accessories to make a statement. The best way to show off the glitz is in the kitchen. Replace those tired matte colors and standard stainless steel with some high shine the way we did here.




Once upon a time, proportions guided design (both in fashion and interiors) and tbh, it got in the way of everything. Now embracing this whole notion that there is ‘perfection in imperfection’ it’s time to throw scale out the window (put some statement currents over that noise!) and make like Balenciaga did this season. By placing oversized coats over sports jackets over sweaters (and so on), they made like an onion and showcased the art of layering. In design, layering can be done right when you mix textures, colors, artwork, finishes, and materials to paint a picture of your personality, with each part representing the best you.




There’s no doubt that the field of vision will have different starting points but will ALWAYS navigate from the top down, left right, and remain in those quadrants. (Hint: the best Instagram pics follow the power of three: top, middle, bottom). This season, the highest speck of vision is having its moment in fashion. Filled with statement scarves, jewelry-like headgear, and hats that steal the show, a good head on our shoulders is no longer enough. In design, this translates to the ceiling or objects that hang from it (*cough* lighting). By using a dramatic statement chandelier, or a bold ceiling, the wow factor comes from a place higher than life. Sky’s the limit. 





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