Consort Cocktails: The Gin Mare Edition

See how Gin Mare helped Consort party all night long with artist, Jaime Derringer and friends.

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We have many talents here at Consort, knowing how to have a good time is one. In preparation for our latest event, where we celebrated our artist Jaime Derringer, we researched countless summer specific cocktails before locking down the signature drink for the evening. Gin Mare's Spanish Style Gin & Tonic was the winner and so we wanted to share the easy cocktail recipe for your drinking enjoyment. Cheers!

Jaime Derringer Party

Spanish Style Gin & Tonic 
Recipe courtesy of Gin Mare

 Ingredients (Per Serving)

  • 1 jigger Gin Mare

  • 4 jiggers Premium Tonic Water (preferably 1724 Tonic Water)

  • 1 Rosemary Sprig

  • 1 Orange Twist

  • 1 Lime Slice


Combine Gin Mare and Premium Tonic Water in a glass; stir well. Add ice. Lastly, garnish with the rind of an orange, a thinly sliced lime, and a rosemary sprig (for the cocktail experts, smoke the rosemary and orange peel over the glass). 
Consort Cocktails with Gin Mare: A Spanish Style Gin & Tonic

Consort Cocktails with Gin Mare: A Spanish Style Gin & Tonic

Consort Cocktails with Gin Mare: A Spanish Style Gin & Tonic

Consort: What is the signature summer cocktail for Gin Mare? 

Gin Mare: Spanish Style Gin & Tonic! Gin Mare pairs perfectly with 1724 Tonic Water, a mandarin forward Latin American tonic that offers a balanced, less bracing profile than traditional Indian style tonic waters. The perfect serve starts with a large goblet packed with ice, topped with 2 ounces of Gin Mare and 200ml of 1724 Tonic Water. Garnish simply with a sprig of basil or rosemary, and a healthy sized orange peel. The absolutely perfect, most refreshing summer drink.  

C: Why is this cocktail perfect for summer?

G: Warm weather calls for light, refreshing cocktails that offer balanced flavors. Gin Mare and 1724 deliver hints of bitter floral notes of orange and herbs, with pleasant sweetness up front followed by subtle salinity on the finish. The blend of flavors evolves a bit as essential oils from the garnishes steep a bit and the increased water content from melting ice entices the drinker to shift from sipping to gulping, necessitating a second serving, of course!  

C: How would you describe the flavors of this drink?

G: Floral notes of orange blossom, and herbs deliver hints of sweetness that are perfectly balanced by pleasant bitterness, finished with satisfyingly thirst quenching hints of salinity.   

C: What types of snacks/hors-d'oeuvre pair well with this cocktail?

G: The cocktail pairs well with charcuterie, toasted macadamia nuts and almonds, and even spicy ceviche.. The feint salinity and herbal notes play well with savory profiles while bright notes of orange blossom and basil compliment spicy chiles and tart citrus forward marinades.

C: Where can Gin Mare be purchased in the USA?

G: Gin Mare is currently available for purchase in the following states: New York, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Washington DC. Distribution in Florida and Louisiana will begin Summer of 2016. For online purchases, Astor Wines and Spirits as well as K&L Wine Merchants, are longtime supporters. 


Jaime Derringer Event

Photos: Jay Oligny

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