12 Haute Ways To Embrace Your Inner Hot Mess

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Internet, we need to talk. It's about the term "hot mess." Look, we know it sounds like the more restrained, more subtly shady way of calling something a "dumpster fire," but it ain't. The internet's leading etymological authority, Urban Dictionary, defines it as "When one's thoughts or appearance are in a state of disarray, but they maintain an undeniable attractiveness or beauty." The key component to note here is the maintenance of hotness despite the mess. It's not a scorched earth insult--far from it, in fact. 

Urban Dictionary continues:

"Hot messes are appealing for a variety of reasons, most notably because they're generally unexpected, capricious, & agonizingly provocative. Additionally, numerous contingent factors make duplication rare and continual repetition virtually impossible."

So in addition to being, well, hot, hot messes keep you guessing, they elicit a response, and they're one of a kind. If you ask us, it's sounding like a pretty great thing to be. And just like a lot of our other favorite things to be--"exciting," "stylish," "compelling," and "chic," we believe our homes should share those qualities, too. 

So in the spirit of that reclamation, we've gathered 12 of our favorite ways to help your home join you in the quest of being a loud, proud, hot mess:

"Pink and Black Splatter" by Nicole Cohen ($5,000)
Wacky Blue Mug by btw ceramics ($33)
Sommarstuga Pillow by Shilo Engelbrecht ($190)
"Kiki" by Kristen Giorgi of NG Collective Studio ($1,125)
Wacky Julep Small Planter by btw ceramics ($28)
Abstract Pink Monoprint by Anna Ullman ($3,000)
Black Splatter Cereal Bowls (Set of 4) ($190)
"Abstract Round" by Nicole Cohen ($4,500)
Blue Linen Napkin by Shilo Engelbrecht ($27)
Wacky Blush Mini Vase by btw ceramics ($28)
Confetti Tumbler by Workaday Handmade ($34)
Wacky Pitcher by btw ceramics ($147)

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