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They say it's about the journey, not the destination. Well, when it comes to Consort Collection, the destination is pretty damn good. We're not messing around when we tell you that our personal Parisian love affair, a 44-piece collection of hardline and softline furniture, is so next level.


So, if you're itching to get up-close-and-personal ASAP, come see us IRL at the Architectural Digest Design Show (3/22-3/25)! We'll be hanging at Booth 318 in the MADE Section all weekend long to give you a live breakdown on every detail that makes this line so special.


Pumped? You should be. Before it drops, here's a behind-the-scenes sneak peek on what's kept us so busy over the last few months.



Strolling le Village St-Paul in Paris, we discovered a leather-bound journal at one of our favorite secret spots for vintage hunting. In fifty-two pages, the unknown American author chronicles an insanely stylish and playful holiday through written encounters, lyrics, doodles, and random thoughts. Captivated by this disjointed, aughts-era tome, we decided to bring it to life in a collection of furniture that marries the mystery man’s modern-day Parisian romp with our undying obsession with French modernism…



While each piece in the collection brings to life a page from our anonymous friend’s found diary, quality and craftsmanship remain at the forefront of our collection’s identity. A celebration of process and master craftsmanship, each element is made by hand in six-to-eight weeks by leading fabricators across America.



So remember: come mingle with us at the AD Show next weekend (3/23-3/25) in the MADE Section, Booth 318. See you then!




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