How To Mix And Match Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall: Which mirror is the fairest of them all?

We love mirrors of all shapes and sizes, old and new, antique and modern, round or rectangular (though big-ass round mirrors are a particular favorite). The truth is, there's a perfect mirror for any space and shape. And if you have a larger space to work with, you might not need to narrow down to one choice. A gallery wall of mirrors is the ultimate playful solution to make a room seem bigger while providing abundant opportunities for selfies (in the event of a chic outfit or a great hair day, obviously). We recommend mixing curves and angular edges, along with smaller and larger shapes for an overall eclectic look. The best part? The reflective surfaces keep the entire wall feeling connected.

If you're in the mood for a mirror, look no further. Take inspiration from our mirror gallery wall below along with some of the shiniest new mirrors available in our shop.

Photo: Consort Design

Bellissima Mirror Series No. 1 by Consort ($2,195)

Bellissima Mirror Series No. 2 by Consort ($1895)

Bellissima Mirror Series No. 3 by Consort ($1795)

Bellissima Mirror Series No. 4 by Consort ($1795)

Which of these mirrors is the fairest of them all? Reflect on our roundup of mirrors in the comments below.

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