How to Sharpen Up for the Holidays

Don't let your decor go dull.

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Hosting a holiday get-together isn’t just about keeping it cozy and gnoshing on puffed pastries. Let’s be real, you’re there to impress. After your nearest-and-dearest’s have used all your flatware and depleted your bar cart, you want them to walk away in awe of your savvy as both a host and a homemaker. But don’t stress–we’ve got just what you need to focus less on your tabletops and more on your bottle pop.

Let’s cut to the chase–Slash Objects is changing the way we think about homeware composition. Like guests at a dinner party, materials of wildly different composition and texture come together to coexist not in chaos, but in cohesion. The collection, founded by Brooklyn designer Arielle Assouline-Lichten, ranges from nesting trays and coasters to mammoth marble tables and brass-framed standing mirrors. Each piece ranges in composition, combining elements from a varied menu of brass, rubber, marble, concrete, and more. In a few pieces, we've even spotted some slight silk integration.

But Assouline-Lichten proves that she's not just living in a material world by elevating her concept from the compositional level to a thought-provoking structural one. From nested trapezoid trays to marble slab tables with gravity-defying cubic legs, her designs force us to rethink how we view the functionality of shapes (and make us wish we'd paid a bit more attention in Geometry). Below, step behind-the-scenes with us for a peek at the Slash Objects studio and a few of our favorite new additions to the Consort roster.

Ceramic Nesting Trays by Slash Objects, Photo by Charlie Schuck 

Slash Objects Studio, Photo by Israel Veintidos

Gem Rubber Mousepad in Gris by Slash Objects Photo by Israel Veintidos

Slash Objects Studio, Photo by Israel Veintidos

Black Rubber CYL II by Slash Objects Photo by Charlie Schuck 

Royal Rubber CYL by Slash Objects Photo by Israel Veintidos

Slash Objects Studio, Photo by Israel Veintidos
So come get your cut. Let us know your fave Slash Pieces in the comments below!

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