Meet the Artist: Desanka Fasiska of LUX/EROS

The designer behind our chicest ceramics.

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We’ll admit it. We’ve absolutely fallen in love with LUX / EROS artist Desanka Fasiska’s custom handmade ceramics. We actually don’t know which we are more obsessed with: Fasiska’s stylish neutral palette (white, grey, brass, black, and blush - yes, please!) or her chic textural designs (studs and lips - mwah!). Either way, the LUX / EROS line is always the perfect blend of earthy, modern, edgy, and sophisticated.

It’s time to meet the artist behind our favorite ceramic lips: From her LUX / LODGE home studio, we got Fasiska to give us the dish on her chic ceramics and her journey as an artist. 

Read on for a look behind the scenes of LUX / EROS.

Consort: What inspired you to start your own business?

Fasiska: I’ve always done better as my own boss. This is not my first own business rodeo. I had a clothing line called "Desanka" for about 6 years - I tried working for other people, but whether it’s because I have a crazy ego or my attention span, it just does not work out well for me if I can't be the boss and dictate my own schedule and life. Although I do miss those regular paychecks and health insurance!

C: How did you choose the name LUX / EROS?

F: I started LUX / EROS as a creative community space out of my home, so I wanted to have a name that evoked light and love. So I named it LUX (light) and EROS (god of love).

C: What first drew you into the world of ceramics?

F: I started doing it as a hobby when I worked in fashion because it was the exact opposite of the fashion world. Messy, dirty and free!

Tall Blush with Gold Lips Vase by Lux/Eros ($250)

C: We’re obsessed with the way your designs straddle earthiness and polish, sophistication and smile factor. What's your secret for striking the perfect balance?

F: I guess I'd have to say it comes from working in fashion for so long, where I had to be technical and think about customers and sales and matching and merchandising -  but really wanting to be a fine artist. I was forced into a more refined perspective, but my natural inclination is to more abstract and fluid. Once I left fashion and let myself become an artist and experiment with painting and ceramics, I still took with me the years of fashion school and the business of fashion and somehow it merged into what I do today.

Lips Mug by Lux/Eros ($65)

C: How has your style evolved over the years?

F: I don't think it really has, I've just become more and more myself and the same style has just matured and refined.

C: How has your LUX / LODGE studio space impacted your designs and your business?

F: Having a studio in my home has been great for me. I work better from home and when I can stop and start, take breaks in my garden, avoid stress like traffic. It's done wonders for my productivity and quality of life. And now with a newborn, I couldn't do it any other way!

Blush and Gold Pyramid Dog Bowl by Lux/Eros ($75)

C: You are renowned for opening your LUX / LODGE to artist workshops and events. What impact has your role in the LA creative community had on your designs?

F: I don't know that I made any impact at all, but it was very fulfilling personally to connect with so many great people and open up my home for people to explore their creativity. 

C: What’s your design signature?

F: I think it's probably my neutral and earthy color palette, my "hand" and use of texture and motif. That has been a through line in my work when I was a fashion designer, illustrator/painter and now with ceramics.

C: What inspires you?

F: It’s super cliché, but art, nature, interior design/architecture and history are my biggest influences. Taking road trips and spacing out when I drive and listen to music in beautiful places, I get a lot of ideas.

C: What’s next for LUX / EROS?  Any exciting new content or projects on the horizon?

F: I’m launching 3 candles in the next couple months, and I have some really fun collaborations and partnerships in the works too! I'm putting a big focus on growing my business into a full home décor business with a robust e-commerce platform in the next couple years!

Tall Black Lips Vase by Lux/Eros ($200)


Lightning Round


C: What is your first memory?

F: Sitting on a patterned linoleum floor in my old house in Pittsburgh, PA. I have lots of abstract visual memories of my first home.

C: What can you first remember really wanting?

F: My parents divorced when I was really young... I have strong memories of wanting to be with my dad when I was with my mom and with my mom when I was with my dad. The funnier answer is that I really really wanted to live in what is now the Westfield Mall but was once called Fox Hills Mall. I really wanted it to be my house one day.

C: When was your first kiss?

F: So sad I don't even know! So Freudian! Maybe thats why I'm obsessed with kisses in my work?? I'm trying to get that first kiss I lost!

C: What was your first car?

F: Toyota Camry.

Espresso Mug by Lux/Eros ($45)


C: What was your last phone call?

F: My mom.

C: What was your last meal?

F: West African peanut chicken (Blue Apron is my jam).

C: When was the last time you were drunk?

F: Well, let's see... Rocky is 7 weeks old so like April of 2016?

C: What was the last emoji you used?

F: The poop emoji - because Trump.

C: When was your last vacation?

F: I take little road and day trips from time to time, but I have not had an actual vacation in at least 3 years. #smallbusinessowner

Photos by Ryan Mosse


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