7 Mantle Styling Moments to Rock Your Fireplace

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We're turning up the heat. It doesn't take much to make a fireplace cozy, but bringing your mantle from warm to white-hot takes a certain flair and finesse. Curate too hard and your space turns sparse, but the last thing you want for your shelf-of-shelves is décor overload. So just how do you strike that balance? Don't stress, we'll break it down for you.

We've rounded up our seven favorite Consort-designed mantle moments to show off the full range of possibility your fireplace has to offer. Whether you're rustic, eclectic, or traditional, we've got insight across the board for all of your styling queries. Get ready for the ultimate dose of inspo.


When in doubt, get reflective. For Shay Mitchell, we offset her Moroccan-inspired fireplace tile with a subdued décor palette (which, yeah, includes a peacock) and elongated the moment by making this statement mirror the hero of the space. By choosing decor that dips below the mantle's edge, we took the tried-and-true concept of peaks and valleys to the visual extreme.
Bellissima Mirror Series No. 1 by Consort ($2195)


Many modern fireplaces are more fashion than function, so don't be afraid to dress up your minimal mantle from head to toe. If you don't plan on turning up the heat, utilize the lower half of your fireplace to offset your mantle décor with, well, more décor. For Chiara Ferragni, we carried the vibrance from her pops of wall art down to the lower deck without trampling too hard on the minimal black-and-white scheme of her space.
Brass "Crossed Fingers" Hand ($195)


It's all in the details. If your fireplace is serving drama all its own, keep your styling light with a few key statement pieces. For our Greystone project, we kept our mirror centerpiece minimal and chose a branchy floral to add height, distance, and texture. Speaking of drama, we always love a bold bird in case you haven't noticed.

Black Steamer Vase by Morgan Peck ($120.00)


Nothing adds a cozy touch to your space like bringing the outdoors in. For Erin Fetherson's bright white space, we took a note from nature and let the elements do the heavy visual lifting. If you plan on using your fireplace to get your burn on, don't stash your extra firewood out of sight–bring a rustic sensibility to your space by letting those natural elements flourish. We carried those natural sentiments up top by filling minimal vases with statement florals and placed the art just off-center to sweep the eye across the mantle's entirety.

Wave Vase by Matthew Ward Studio ($375.00)


Take it from us–sometimes seeing really is believing. Between the textured matte black base, bold molding, and intricate tile moments, Nina Dobrev's fireplace was already a sight to behold–but the mirror placement in lieu of a traditional firepit had us truly seeing double. We seized this as the perfect opp to bring out the room's cooler tones with a massive piece of sexy blue statement art, which balanced the space's opulent flair with a sartorial edge. 

"Kiss This" by Tom Fowlks ($885.00)


Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with letting your room do the work for you. For this rustic lake house, we let the rocky walls be the visual hero and kept the mantle light with only a few brass candlesticks to highlight the fireplace's sheen. To break up the heaviness of our rustic palette, we used this opaque deer head mold to brighten things up in a non-blinding way.


Brass Steer Head ($792.00)


Keeping it simple has never been wilder. Whether your shelving options are limited or you just like the look of a clean surface, there's still a world of technique to tap into for making a mantle your own. For this modern rocker project, we used a bold statement mirror and geometric sconces to carry the drama and linework of this statement tile to the upper echelons of the wall. And, once more for the people in the back, a little fowl play never hurt anyone.
Echo No. 4 Sconce in Brass ($700.00)
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