Marble + Velvet + Contrast (Oh My!)

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A stunning view of the Eiffel Tower is pretty much all a restaurant needs to get some tourist butts in seats. But the restauranteurs at Monsieur Blue weren't content to rest on their Eiffel laurels, instead enlisting elite architect Joseph Dirand to build an artful and quintessentially Parisian dining experience, with beautiful scenery inside and out. Citing influences like Yves Klein, Adolf Loos and Art Deco design, Dirand crafted a luxe, high-contrast and textural dream, replete with lush velvets, striking marble, and stunning sconces. Head to the Monsieur Bleu website for more looks at the space (and their mouthwatering menu).

Other links we loved this week:

Photo by Adrien Dirand, via Monsieur Bleu

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