Meet the Artist: Matt Maust

Matt Maust, Artist

Get the insider's view into one of our favorite artist's wacky work space.

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Matt Maust, Artist

Matt Maust is one of our favorite artists we carry in the shop. His work is a chaotic layering of ideas, materials, and colors- just like his Los Angeles art studio that we got to tour. See why we're mesmerized by not only his work, but also his creative safe space.

Consort: Did you undertake formal training within the art industry?

Maust: I took Graphic Design as a major in college, but it wasn't really at an art school or anything. I designed the yearbook and that's how I was taught graphic design. I relied heavily on the Xerox machine in the library. It was old and had a really cool effect. I started taking it seriously when I started designing friends' album sleeves.

C: What inspired you to start showing and selling your pieces?

M: I thought it sounded fun to try and have an art show and my friend said we do a collab show together so it wouldn't put too much pressure on either of us. Also, we'd get double the traffic because we were both showing. I didn't think too hard about how it would be received.

Matt Maust, Artist


Matt Maust, Artist

"4 some not all" by Matt Maust ($580)

Matt Maust, Artist

C: Tell us about your studio space, how it influences your work and supports your design process.
M: My space is very messy and feels like a character in my life. It's a fermenting ground. I get/buy a lot of things for the pure enjoyment of buying it, and sometimes it takes a long time to become something else or to find its way into a piece. It's a great place for letting things age.

C: What part of the process excites you the most?
M: Lately, framing things is really exciting. When it's winter, starting a piece is more exciting. Something to do with the heat maybe...

C: What's your design signature?
M: I'm not sure what a design signature is, but I tend to stamp my name on most pieces- "Maust". 

Matt Maust, Artist

Matt Maust, Artist

Matt Maust, Artist

"bar italia" by Matt Maust ($2700)

C: Do you ever do commissioned pieces? 
M: I will do commission pieces. I don't think I really fear them. I don't have much opinion either way on them, it's cool either way.

C: What would you most like to make that you haven't made so far?
M: I would like to make a couch or a candle. I designed a bed once but I think a couch would be cooler than a bed.

C: How has your work evolved?
M: I think my style of work in general started very much outside of the computer, and then once I went to college it was very much inside the computer, and now it's very much in both worlds.

Matt Maust, Artist

Matt Maust, Artist

"U dont have to do this" by Matt Maust ($630)

Matt Maust, Artist

C: What do you enjoy doing apart from making art?
M: I like going to movies, usually solo. Too many of my friends look at their cell phones in the movies and it bugs me.

C: Where do you see yourself and your work in five years?
M: I don't think too much about the future because I'll never get there. An annoying answer I know, but if I set a goal, I most likely will never get there. I would like to have more of my pieces in more people's collections. I think it would be fun to do art for a restaurant but it would have to be a really great restaurant.

Matt Maust, Artist

Matt Maust, Artist

"liar/faker" by Matt Maust ($550)

Matt Maust, Artist

Lightning Round


C: What is your first memory?
M: Disneyland Main Street when I was 4... and I might've made that up.

C: What is the first piece you sold?
M: A big 5' x 5' canvas and I think it said "Viva la Revolution." It was pink canvas with the silhouette of an old 70s car with no wheels done with yellow spray paint. I sold it for $400 in college to our only friend that had money at the time. 

C: What can you first remember really wanting? 
M: Oh! The Galaxy Commander, it was the most expensive of al the space Lego sets. My brother and I would hide it at the toy store so no one would be able to buy it. I still don't have it.. (begins and quickly finds said Lego set on eBay, going for $400).

C: When was your first kiss?
M: I was 17, on the steps of a church in Visalia.

C: What was your first car?
M: The first one I drove was a '72 Mercedes 280 SEL 4.5 something... It had a navy blue body with a white top.

Matt Maust, Artist


C: What was your last phone call?
M: It was with Nathan Warkentin- talking about our t-shirt line that we're about to launch. We were chatting about something top secret.

C: What was your last meal?
M: A Starbucks sandwich, the turkey breakfast one.

C: When was the last time you were drunk?
M: After the UCB comedy set last week... I think.

C: What was the last emoji you used?
M: I sent Miss Connie Ha a fire emoji.

C: When was your last vacation?
M: My last true vacation was last year. Milan, Como, & Zurich for about a week.

Matt Maust, Artist

Matt Maust, Artist
Photos: Neelo Noory


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