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Though they met working together at a restaurant as teenagers, it wasn’t until April of 2015 that designers Jack Gerard and Genevieve Barrere of Four Leaf Wood Shop decided to take the creative leap to launch their own woodworking business. From there, the rest is history: the duo started out designing unique, one-of-a-kind wooden objects and utensils with almost instant acclaim. Today, even as the business has grown, each item from Four Leaf Wood Shop is still hand-carved, hand-sanded, and polished with classic craftsmanship using traditional techniques. We’re proud to carry an exclusive line of Four Leaf Wood Shop wooden spoons in our Consort shop to suite any occasion, from cooking to entertaining to serving up stylish vibes as a kitchen countertop accessory.

Read on for our interview with Four Leaf Woodshop’s co-founder Jack Gerard, along with some behind-the-scenes shots from their studio in Ojai, California.

Consort: How did Four Leaf Wood Shop come to be?    

Jack Gerard: Genne and I worked long hours, she as a chef in LA and me as a car salesman in Calabasas. We knew we wanted to be our own bosses and to do something creative, so we decided to try our hand at making spoons! 

C: Is there a special meaning behind the brand name?

G: The name comes from a four-leaf clover I found while I was playing golf as a kid. I still have it and I keep it with me always!

C: What is your biggest success or “bragging right” to date?

G: I would have to say being featured in Food & Wine magazine. Twice!! It was a really big deal for us!

C: You hand-carve and hand-sand all your products. How important is quality and attention to detail in creating a final design?

G: Quality is huge! Anyone can buy a bland manufactured spoon, but it's the hand-made quality that sets you apart from the big box stores, and that's the reason we wanted to start woodworking!

C: What inspires you?

G: I’m inspired by classic cars and the way every one was hand-built. It's the reason why those cars are so popular today.

C: Tell us about your studio space, how it influences your work and design process.

G: It's funny, because we kind of dislike our space. We wish we had more room to move around and work. But it has been a huge factor in the way we create! It's helped us learn that you don't need a huge studio to create beautiful things!

C: What part of creating product excites you the most?

G: The best part of creating is the blank canvas. Each spoon starts as a block of wood and you can draw and carve whatever you want. I'd have to say the drawing of a new design is the most exciting part!

C: What’s your design signature?

G: I would say our design signature is our thin handled spoons. It adds a touch of elegance to our pieces.

C: What’s your favorite Four Leaf Wood Shop item currently in the Consort assortment?

G: My favorite item currently in Consort would have to be the triangle and square spoons. I create those exclusively for Consort and they always turn out so beautifully!

C: What’s next for Four Leaf Wood Shop?  Any exciting new content or projects on the horizon?

G: We are always working on new ideas. We have recently added turquoise and brass inlays to our collection and we plan on expanding on that!

Lightning Round


C: What is your first memory?

G: Driving to school in my mom’s 1987 Turbo Porsche!

C: What is the first piece you sold?

G: A small butter knife!

C: What can you first remember really wanting?

G: A Porsche 550 Spyder, like James Dean drove. I had a poster of one on my wall as a kid!

C: When was your first kiss?

G: Haha, Sophomore year of high school after a football game. We lost but who cares, haha!

C: What was your first car?

G: 2006 Volkswagen Rabbit.


C: What was your last phone call?

G: Called my mom - I call her every day.

C: What was your last meal?

G: In-N-Out. Grilled cheese sounds weird, but it's so good.

C: When was the last time you were drunk?

G: Last month at a friend's wedding. I'm not a big drinker.

C: What was the last emoji you used?

G: 😁

C: When was your last vacation?

G: We just got back from Yosemite. It is the greatest place on earth!

Photos: Jessica Sofranko

Shall we spoon? Shop Four Leaf Wood Shop’s Consort collection below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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