The Great Debate: Gold Versus Silver

Which metallic finish suits your style?

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There are some aspects of interior design where it’s OK to be a little indecisive. And when it comes to metallic finishes and accessories, we know picking a lane can be challenging. But the truth is, you can’t really go wrong as long as you follow what suits your personal style. We also love to abide by the principle that you’re never done decorating; with metallic décor in particular, there’s always room to layer on something new or do a little rearranging.

We’ve found that metallics are a matter of personal taste. In some spaces, it makes more sense to tie the room together with one cohesive shiny finish, whether it be gold, silver, copper, or chrome. Metallic accents can also be mixed to amp up glam factor with high shine and to create a unique balance of cool versus warm tones in a space. Most importantly, we urge you not to be afraid to branch out. Case in point: Our brass hands have gotten into the silver game.

It’s time to find out which metallic finish best suits your style. Scroll for our best shining, shimmering, splendid metallic accents - in brass, gold, copper, chrome, and silver.

Photo: Chris Patey

Photo: Joe Schmelzer

Photo: Mat Sanders

Photo: Consort Design

Photo: Monica Wang for Rue Magazine

Photo: Consort Design

Which of these metallic accents shines brightest to you? Sound off below.

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