Need a Hand?

Yes, you do. In every room.

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We love to talk with our hands.

In fact, hands have become a Consort signature. When it comes to making a statement in any room, sign language is universal. We love to give guests a warm welcome and a fond farewell with brass gestures in an entryway. Making a bold and brassy bookshelf statement, high-fiving from a coffee table, or wishing you peaceful night’s sleep in the bedroom: All spots where we could use a hand.

If you don’t believe our brass hands jive in just about any space, we’ve got the proof: Check out how to put your hands up (and out) in 9 different rooms below.


Photo: Reid Rolls

Photo: Daniel Collopy

Photo: Christopher Patey

Photo: Lu Tapp

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Photo: Christopher Patey

Photo: Christopher Patey

Photo: Consort Design

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Brass "I Love You" Hand ($165)

Brass "Crossed Fingers" Hand ($165)

Brass "OK" Hand ($165)

Brass "The Finger" Hand ($165)

Brass "High Five" Hand ($165)

Brass "Peace" Hand ($165)

Which brass hand is best for you? Talk to the hand below in the comments! 

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