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Our favorite artist gives us a glimpse into her NYC.

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The New York-based artist, who is consistently inspiring us with her elevated aesthetic, talks the things she loves— from her favorite Italian restaurant to her bucket list aspirations of running the NYC marathon. Nicole Cohen’s resume reads like a true multitasking New Yorker’s and Sketch42, Cohen’s lifestyle blog, is our go-to destination where all of her worlds beautifully collide.

Drenched with her abstract paintings and photography, our store opens this week in Tribeca. Stop in to see our obsession in real life. And if you're not in New York, shop her work here

Below, Nicole answers a few hometown superlatives for us.

Favorite Movie About New York City

Desperately Seeking Susan, Superman, Big, Saturday Night Fever, anything about the mob, When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail. I like the rom coms! 

Favorite Thing to do in a Blizzard

Bake, stay home in sweats and then go to the park sledding in the morning. Oh, it's also really fun to walk to your most local bar when it's a blizzard because you get to meet all your neighbors! Locals only :) 

Worthy Splurge 

Boots and coats, cocktails, chairs, and phone data! 

Favorite New Yorker

Howard Stern, the late Joan rivers. 

Preferred Method of Transportation 

If I can walk, I walk, if not, it's always the train. 

The Song that Reminds You of Your Favorite Night in the City

Biggie and Lil Kim and 90s rap. Reminds me of being twenty and driving around with my girlfriends late at night thinking we were hot. (We were!) 

Touristy Thing that You Secretly Love

I love all the touristy things. Being a parent means I get to revisit all of them with my kids with fresh eyes. The Museum of Natural history is a family fave, Bronx zoo, Botanical Gardens, The Met, skating in the park... we have all those places on a loop! Last year my kid was assigned to report on the Statue of Liberty for a landmark study her class was doing. I hadn't been there in 25 years! 

Location for Your Last NYC Dinner 

Our favorite restaurant is Frank on the lower east side. Low key but delightful Italian with a crispy egg that is the stuff of dreams. Follow @frankprezanzano the owner on Instagram because his zest for life is contagious. 

Favorite Book about New York

Catcher in the rye, American Psycho— both completely capture the zeitgeist of the city and paint such vivid moments of that slice of NYC life. 

Photos: Trent & Dara Bailey

Sport that Feels Decidedly Old New York 

Baseball games in the summer and fall. 

You Know You're a New Yorker When 

The city stops feeling huge to you. You develop a little community of your own within the city aside from your friends. You start to know your neighborhood eccentrics - like the man who rides a bike in a bikini, another lady who dresses in head to toe neon running gear, the boy with a Jew fro who smokes cigarettes on the corner.  You also get to know your neighbors, the men and women who work and live  around you the lovely elderly New Yorkers that live with you and it all starts to feel like home. Each area has its own special little vibe and that's why we are all so reluctant to leave the ten block radius surrounding our apartments. 

Another really interesting thing about NYC is that while is huge, certain times it can feel so tiny. When you realize people you know from the most random walks of life also somehow know each other? That's New York. 

Biggest Misconception about New Yorkers

A.) That we're mean

B.) That we're all in/from manhattan and gentrified parts of Brooklyn, and that were a monolithic group. Most born and bred New Yorkers are from really diverse ethnic backgrounds, all living side by side in peace. You should hear my accent! 

Preferred Reading 

Design mags, NY Times weekender subscription- actual paper, and for some odd reason I like biographies about the greats of American History. 

Spot that Feels Like the New New York

I don't know! I feel like the new New York would be something I would be out of step with and not know about? 

Top of Your NYC Bucket List

Hmmmm I guess Ive been wanting to run the NYC marathon. #goals #yikes 

Favorite Thing to do When it's 80 Degrees and Sunny 

Leave! Get out! Go! Don't be fooled, the boroughs are some of the best spots in the city... drive 45 min in any direction out of Manhattan and it's like ur in a different universe. Coney Island, Rockaway, NJ, Hudson, Connecticut, Long Island... so many amazing places to catch some fresh air. But if u must stay in NYC on that 80 degree day, drinks and lunch outside? Yes? Yes. 


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