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Depending on where in the country you live, you may have spent this week sweltering or you may have spent it snow-bound.  And though our meteorological experiences may divide us, one thing remains universal:  everyone loves a good Friday afternoon daydream. So go ahead and turn off your notifications, open up some new tabs, and get ready to lose yourself in this week's drool-worthy nuggets of fabulosity.

First up: the rise of "grooming spaces" as the new design hotspot. According to those in the know over at Yellow Trace, fancy-schmancy gyms can step aside and make way for salons, waxing studios, and chic mani-pedi joints, which have taken over as the newest designer darlings. Entrepreneurs and investors are paying more attention to the look of the venues in which their clients preen, groom, and pluck, and in return, designers are turning out some truly inspiring spaces. As if we needed any more of an excuse to get our hair did. 

Have you been watching Feud on FX? We can't get enough, and while we heartily endorse Bette & Joan's whole vodka-for-breakfast thing, we're gonna hold off on the plastic furniture covers for now, thanks.

Over on Lonny this week, the terribly witty Orlando Soria explained "How Interior Design Saved Me After A Breakup." One unexpected but totally-sensical gem of advice: sometimes the best way you can redecorate a space is by shutting the door on it forever. 

In other, perkier news: our childhood treehouse fantasies have been realized in a very adult way in this strikingly serene Taiwanese apartment. Me Tarzan, you Dream Pad.

And how's this for meta, as you read this at your work desk: check out this article profiling offices designed to inspire creativity and discourage slack (ahem).

That ought to see you through your afternoon reverie. If you need us, we'll be wandering the aisles of the co-op, hunting down handfuls of mallow and comfrey.

Stay Stylish.

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