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Keep your Millennial Pink: we've got a crush on blush. 

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ICYMI, Millennial Pink has been causing quite the kerfuffle in the design world lately. As suggested by its name, Millennials can't get enough of the color, and this demand has inspired its presence on everything from bomber jackets to book jackets. Other people, reacting to this market saturation, are saying the color needs to die (way harsh, Tai). Others are still busying themselves with the contemplation of what, exactly, it is.

We're going to go ahead and skirt this controversy by adhering to a party line that we've stuck to since day one of Consort Design: you can keep your Millennial Pink, we're in deep smit with its softer, more refined sister. Yes, we've got a crush on blush. 

If you join us in this unabashed love for the soft but sassy shade, scroll for some of our favorite All Blush Everything inspo, and follow us on Pinterest for more. 

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