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At Consort, when we talk about the great outdoors, we are likely referring to our love of stylish outdoor spaces (like the rooftop we designed for the new Revolve Social Club). And with summer in full swing, we’ve got half-day Fridays, happy hours, and weekend entertaining on the mind. Which begs the question: What better way to celebrate summer than with an outdoor bar?

If styling your own outdoor bar sounds intimidating, don’t worry. You needn’t spend hours sifting through Pinterest’s unending sea of cocktails, poptails, mocktails, and all the other terms people have created for D.I.Y. craft bartending. The key is to keep the styling simple, social, and sip-worthy.

Read on to scope out some of our favorite outdoor bar looks and some simple advice for styling your own version. Bottom's up!


Photo: Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel

Don’t be afraid of fun summer color. It can be décor, flowers, or even the bar itself. Our pick is a pop of green - perfect for a garden party or to add lush tropical flair.

Navy Clay Dome Pendant ($433)

Photo: Christian Oth Studio

Overstock the bar. When guests pop over unexpectedly with a friend or two in tow, you don’t want to risk running out of spirits, mixers, or glasses.  Be the host with the most.

Liuku Ball Pendant with Transparent Glass ($450)

Revolve Social Club Los Angeles Design by Consort

Photo: Sam Frost

Take the pattern plunge. We opted for graphic black and white tiles on the rooftop bar at the Revolve Social Club, but there's no limit to pattern possibilities in a bar space. Coasters, napkins, or tabletop accents can provide plenty of personality.

Black Polka Dot Vase by Matthew Ward Studio ($975)


Photo: Jonathan Steinitz

These lemon trees remind us to garnish with gusto. Lemons, limes, and others welcome to add a fresh fruit twist to your cocktails or a little bit of citrus color to your bartop styling.

White Nest Bowl by Fundamental Berlin ($22)

Photo: Jay Oligny

Shine bright with metallic swag. When you're finally ready to clink your drink and say, “Cheers!”, it's always good to add a glam finishing touch with brass and copper bar accents.


Metal Bar Stool in Black $920.00



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