Add This To Your Room For An Instant Dose of Happiness

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Studies show that there are certain smells, certain flavors, and certain colors that are scientifically proven to make people more happy. While we're fresh out of sexy white lab coats (and any of the scientific know how) necessary to perform scientific studies of our own, we do have a hypothesis about which pattern makes people the happiest: polka dots.

Seriously, have you ever seen a sad polka dot? We're not talking chicken pox here, we're talking cheery black-on-white, 101 Dalmatians pointillism prettiness. 

It's hard not to see this graphic, cheery print without immediately associating it with something playful, cheeky, and just plain smile-inducing.

Scroll for our favorite ways to incorporate this little bit of sunshine in your own decor:

Black Paint Dot Lumbar Pillow ($205)
Black Polka Dot Vase by Matthew Ward Studio ($975)
"Small Ink Blot Bowl" by Katie Kimmel ($25)
"Brush Stroke 2" by Nicole Cohen ($4,000)
Pom Pom Basket ($160)
Morning Vice Candle by Virginia Sin ($52)
Cotton Throw with Black Tufts ($375)
Costa Bottle 1 by Franca ($55)

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