Revealed: The Inspo Behind Our Biggest Celeb Projects


Go behind the scenes with some of our biggest clients. 

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As designers with a hallmark aesthetic, we're often asked how we develop a wide variety of projects, ranging in vibe and tone, scale and structure, but all so thoroughly "Consort." The answer is simple, because we're guided by one overarching goal: achieving the perfect blend of our clients' vision and the Consort look.

Step one in this process is getting to know all of our clients intimately, discovering how they live, what they love, and what makes them feel at home. We work with them to develop their preferences into an overall vision, the distillation of their perfect happy home. We then set out to realize this vision, armed with our classic Consort trademarks like color-drenched spaces, high-contrast moments, playful accessories, and refined details.

Below, we've gathered some of our famous clients' visions, and the tools in our Consort toolbox we employed to help realize their design dreams.


Jessica Alba's Glam Guesthouse

Photo: Christopher Patey

Client: Jessica Alba

Project: Her LA Guesthouse

Jessica's vision: "I travel a lot, and if there was a house like mine to stay in instead of a hotel, I would want to stay in my house," Jessica told MyDomaine. "I'm just thinking of a someone who travels and who wants a cozy but luxurious and safe place to be. That's sort of the vibe."

Consort's look: Dramatic color-drenched spaces (like the midnight blue monochromatic game room), playful pops (like dappled horses, anatomical prints, and an ombre gallery wall), and refined details (like lush velvet chairs and dramatic drapery)


Photo: Christopher Patey

Pair of Vintage Wheat Leather Chairs ($7,500)

Photo: Christopher Patey

Otis Marble Dining Table by Consort ($7,000)

Photo: Christopher Patey

Drimia Stripe Pillow ($175)

Photo: Christopher Patey

Black with White Triangle Print Mudcloth Pillow by Consort ($245)

Shay Mitchell's LA Home

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Client: Shay Mitchell

Project: Her Hollywood Hills home

Shay's vision: "This is really about building that mature home that is the springboard for the next part of my career," Shay told Architectural Digest. This meant crafting a space that was both welcoming and invitingly social while also polished, glamorous, and sophisticated. 

Consort's look: Dramatic color-drenched spaces (like the sunken living room decked out in Farrow and Ball’s Down Pipe), high-contrast moments (like in the dramatically tiled fireplace), and refined details (like a nook in the den outfitted with a glam brass bar and statement wallpaper)

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Milo Marble Coffee Table by Estee Stanley of Hancock Design ($3,500)

Photo: Tessa Neustadt


Brass "I Love You" Hand ($185)


Nina Dobrev's Boho Bungalow Photo: Christopher Patey

Client: Nina Dobrev

Project: Her West Hollywood home

Nina' vision: "Light and bright is my favorite aesthetic," Nina told MyDomaine.  She wanted to honor the home's serene, grounded feeling, noting  "I’m just a small step and a passenger on the path of this home. It has good energy. You can feel that people have lived here. There is a Zen vibe."

Consort's look: High-contrast moments (like the black painted fireplace amidst the living room's creamy neutrals, and black and white tiled kitchen backsplash), playful pops (like the jewel-encrusted cowskull over the master bed), and refined details (like the delicate brass bookshelf, adorned with eye-catching metallic accessories)

Photo: Christopher Patey

Curly Maple Triangle Plank by Fort Standard ($140)

Photo: Christopher Patey

Brass Coil Sculpture ($200)

Photo: Christopher Patey

Freddie Brass Nightstands by Consort ($1,995)

 Joe Trohman's Rocker Chic HideawayPhoto: Daniel Collopy

Client: Joe Trohman

Project: His Hollywood Hills home

Joe's vision: Per his interview with, Joe and his wife wanted to "incorporate the rocker-cool spirit and musical instruments you might expect with an intriguing art collection, all while keeping the space family friendly for their daughter, Ruby."

Consort's look: High-contrast moments (like the tiled fireplace and boldly striped living room daybed), playful pops (like the ethically-sourced peacock atop the living room mantle and the Dr Dre quote in the kitchen nook), and refined details (like the long-armed lights over the master bed and all the metallic details)

Photo: Phil Sanchez

OGK Black Daybed ($820)

Photo: Daniel Collopy

Brass Dome Pendant Light by Franco Albini and Franca Helg ($1,125)

Photo: Daniel Collopy

Brass "Peace" Hand ($185)

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