Thanksgiving Plans: Bake, Get Baked

Don't forget to turn off the oven.

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It goes without saying that the holiday season wouldn’t be much without greenery. From mistletoe to pine, from oregano to basil, the abundance of flora punctuates this time of year both in and out of the kitchen. But there’s one herb in particular that, at least in our opinion, ranks high above the rest. Get it? (Ok, we’ll stop.)


No one gets this sentiment quite like The Pursuits of Happiness. Founded by Portland-based photographer-turned-ceramicist April Brimer and entrepreneur Pavel Cherny, the line ranges from plates to dishes to some of the most elegant one-hitters we’ve seen yet. Sure, you can pop by your local smoke shop and pick up a new piece in virtually any size, shape, or shade you want. But whether you fill your free time with cooking or cannabis, there’s nothing quite like connecting your recreational activities to a handcrafted small-batch sculpture, to a color pop with thoughtful intent or a uniquely asymmetric silhouette.

After the jump, check out some of our favorite stocking stuffers and tabletop accents from the newest Pursuits pieces to land on the site. And remember, there's no better way to spend the high holiday than, well... you know.

Green and Silver Voltaire Pipe by The Pursuits of Happiness

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