The 5 Keys To Making Your Bed Like A Sexy Person

Sexy, simple ways to beautify the boudoir. 

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We all have that one dress, that one lipstick, that one pair of shoes that "when you put it on, it's an invitation."(Knowles, Beyonce (2006) Freakum Dress)  We are big proponents of this feeling, and don't think it should be limited only to the realm of clothing and accessories. Your bed (and room) should be a personal refuge for you to unwind and relax, but sometimes you want to turn up the heat when it's time to get down.

Below, we've gathered the top 5 ways to inject the sex appeal that turns bedrooms into boudoirs. 

#1: Start With A Sexy (And Sturdy) Bed Frame

Set a compelling tone for your bedroom with a frame that makes a sassy statement without stealing the show. While brightly-colored headboards may feel like a bold choice, they're the perfect backdrop for showing off neutral or black-and-white bedding. 

Babe Bed by Consort ($3,050)

Photo: Tessa Neustadt

#2: Pile On Plush Pillows

Not only are pillows the perfect (literal) prop for reading, watching TV, or, ahem, entertaining in bed, they also add depth, richness, and texture to a bedscape. Pro tip: a mixture of soft and firm pillows in fabrics ranging from linen to velvet to add tactile and visual interest. 

White with Black Triangle Print Mudcloth Pillow ($245)

Blush Velvet Pillow by Consort ($245)


Photo: Christopher Patey

#3 Layer 'Til It's Lush

Is there anything more inviting than a bed piled high with sumptuous throws? Layer wool, cashmere, and linen to create a luxe pile of coziness that practically screams "hop on in."


Large Grey Cashmere Coverlet ($1,350)

Bernata Blue Throw by Pehuen ($637)

Photo: Justin Coit

#4 Let Your Art Do The Talking

The wall above your bed is primo space for announcing your intentions and setting a scene. Don't shy away from a little text messaging to get your point across.


"Thanks, Come Again" by Paul Edmondson ($1,409)

"let's eat out more" by Matt Maust ($176)


Photo: Reid Rolls

#5 Top With Mood Lighting

Not only do stylish pendants or chandeliers add sculptural appeal to the space, but soft lighting directed in multiple directions banishes unflattering shadows and imparts all it touches with a sexy, sultry glow.


Asterix Chandelier by studio:PGRB ($2,175)


Elemental No. 6 Chandelier by studio:PGRB ($3,100)

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