7 Houseplants You Just Can't Kill, We Promise

Black is always chic, except when it comes to thumbs.

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In case you haven't heard: plant lady is the new cat lady. People are embracing greens in the home in a big way right now, layering plant upon plant to build spaces that are overflowing with the life, color, and texture that only flora can bring. In addition to looking cute as hell, plants also pull double-duty in the health department, cleaning the air so effectively that even NASA touts the power of their purifying benefits.

So you're already on board with this trend, for both aesthetic and health reasons, but have yet to master the whole "keeping plants alive" thing. You are so not alone. Yes, plants are living creatures and different kinds do require varying levels of care to keep alive, so the trick here is to find the ones compatible with your lifestyle. If you're anything like, us that lifestyle involves lots of travel and hectic schedules, so low maintenance options are the way to go. 

Before we get in to the nitty-gritty, do a little looking around your space to determine the light your new green friends will be getting in their new home. Do you have low light, indirect light, or direct light? Also, be realistic with yourself on how frequently you'll be watering. 

Armed with that info, take a look at our list of favorite low-maintenance houseplants below, and determine what kind of new plant you should be welcoming on in.

Snake Plant

Photo: Suburban B

Light Requirement: Can handle a wide spectrum of lighting conditions, from direct light to low light

Water Requirement: Sparing; water lightly every 2-3 weeks

Vayu Floor Planter by Light + Ladder ($1,085)

ZZ Plant

Photo: Christopher Morley via Rip and Tan

Light Requirement: Indirect to low light

Water Requirement: Sparing; allow soil to completely dry out before rewatering

Raw Terracotta Hexagon Planter by Bari Ziperstein ($1,200)

Rubber Plant

Photo: Laure Joliet for Domino

Light requirement: Indirect light

Water Requirement: In summer, keep soil moist, but reduce watering in the winter to once or twice a month

Montauk Planter by Matthew Ward Studio ($295)


Photo: Emily Billings for Apartment Therapy

Light requirement: Low to indirect light

Water Requirement: Sparing; allow the soil to dry out completely in between waterings, and water when the leaves start to droop

Large Cotton Spora with Wood Hook by Light + Ladder ($175)


Photo: Lauren Kolyn for Apartment Therapy

Light requirement: Direct light

Water Requirement: Sparing; soak it well but allow the soil to completely dry out in between waterings

Archromo Planter by Light + Ladder ($123)


Photo: Dabito for The New Bohemians via The Jungalow

Light requirement: Direct light

Water Requirement: Sparing; do not allow to fully dry out, but water when the top of the soil is dry to the touch

Wacky Blush Mini Vase by btw ceramics ($28)

Cast Iron Plant

Photo: Michelle Halford

Light requirement: Low to indirect light

Water Requirement: Keep soil moist

White Hiball Porcelain Vessel by Light + Ladder ($105)

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