The Consort Way to Meditate

Zen is in.

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If 2017 is going to be our chicest year yet, we want to start the new year in the right mindset. 

2016 was quite a wild ride, after all. So what better way to kick off 2017 than with a meditative moment of zen? It’s time to set the tone for a year marked with new beginnings, fresh starts, and all-around positive thinking. We’ve got you covered with all the essential ingredients to put out the vibe.

Ahead, all the inspiration you need for a little meditation in the new year in 4 easy steps - with a Consort twist, of course.

Step 1: Set a Positive Mood with Aromatic Scents

Peace Atmosphere Aromatic by Sandoval ($45)

Step 2: Grab the Most Comfy Throw Pillows You Can Find

White with Black Triangle Print Mudcloth Pillow by Consort ($245)

Step 3: Find a Calm, Quiet Spot to Relax

Blue Tie-Dye Pillow by Consort ($245)

Step 4: Sign Off

Brass "I Love You" Hand ($165)

You got this. Ready for a little meditation, Consort-style? Send us your positive energy in the comments below.

Photos: Consort Design

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