The Guys’ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Things he’ll love now and you’ll enjoy in the future.

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Guys can be tricky to buy gifts for, especially on such a holiday as Valentine’s Day. Traditional V-Day gifts probably don't speak to your guy the same way they speak to you. Gadgets, toys, and booze are always safe bets, but when in doubt, you can also go the décor route—think of it as something he’ll love now and you’ll enjoy in the future.

Here are 10 manly alternatives that will have him dropping L-bombs all over the place.


7' Dazzle Camo Surfboard ($1795)


Concrete Cuba by Abigail McEwen and Susanna Temkin ($55)


Brass "Peace" Hand ($185)

Ba Bam by Matt Maust ($4000)


Hexagon Planter by Boyce Studio ($75)


Brass Match Striker ($200)


Kaare Klint Safari Chair ($1595)


Captain Aromatic Concentrate by Sandoval ($60)


Spiked Shot Glass by Neptune Glassworks ($100)


Black Hexagon Leather Coasters ($45)


Which of these gift ideas is right for your guy? Tell us in the comments below!

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