These Wall Hangings Are Anything But Ordinary

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At Consort, we consider art to be one of our passions. That said, we also love taking an unconventional approach to decorating our walls from time to time. And these days, all the chic textiles, tapestries, and other hangings available in our shop have us thinking outside the frame to give spaces a more relaxed, vintage-inspired, down-to-earth vibe.

When you invest in a beautiful rug or a stylish throw, these treasures can become art in their own right, albeit in a more functional form. So no matter where you choose to drape your textiles, no matter whether you choose to position your antique rugs horizontally or vertically, we’re on board with mixing a little bit of the unexpected onto your wall space.

Ready to hang? Below, check out our favorite ways to adorn your walls with unique hangings and textiles.

Photo: Chris Patey


Quilt No. 1 by Louise Gray ($425)

Moroccan Black & White Stripe Pom Pom Throw ($385)

Photo: Citysage

Linen 03 Wall Hanging by WKND LA ($180)

Cotton Throw with Black Tufts ($500)
Photo: Consort Design

Martel Vintage Rug ($4500)

Mud Cloth PomPom Throw by Erin Fetherston x Fragments Identity ($225)


Photo: Mat Sanders

Linen 04 Wall Hanging by WKND LA ($100)


Whittier Vintage Rug ($2500)

Which of these wall hangings and tapestries would you hang out with? Sound off below.

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