The Color-Soaked Studio That Has Us Rethinking Our Minimal Spring Palette

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It's spring! Think flower buds and open-toed shoes and warm breezes and longer days and later nights. While we're approaching this season with a clean, minimal, neutral color story, our eyes can't help but wander over to this color-soaked Taiwanese design studio. Rust has never looked so fresh.

Over on Elle Decor, they've profiled outdated home decor trends that they hope to never see again. While we will agree that we're beyond ready to never see another Mason jar again that is not actively holding our morning marmalade, we're going to take some umbrage at the plaid embargo. We aren't advocating for matching bed-in-a-bag style integration of the print, but are very much in favor of sprinkling in some chic checked accessories.

Also, this whole time we've been beating ourselves up for breaking our vegan resolve with a little 2 am street meat hot dog indulgence. Little did we know we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of self-flagellation by unironically embracing the term "flexitarian." Thanks for telling us, everyone else in LA.

And just in case you missed it, our Mat Sanders chatted with the New York Times today about daybeds. Apparently, not only are they usable as "a guest bed, as a way to break up an open floor plan, or to create a more social environment," but they're also "great for parties." We're sold!

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