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There are days when we travel the extra mile in the spirit of interior design. That’s how we found ourselves at Turtle Island, a sustainable all-inclusive private island resort in one of the most remote parts of Fiji. The resort hosts 14 bures, or straw huts, that are a vacationer’s dream. Our mission: infuse Turtle Island’s beachfront bungalows with a modern edge while staying true to authentic Fijian culture and tradition.

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Turtle Island’s self-sustaining approach instantly struck a chord with us. The resort boasts a solar farm to produce its own energy and serves locally grown produce at each meal, and the hotel staff also live on the island.

We'll be working closely with the very talented staff to design and build all the furniture for the redesign on the island using natural resources. From what we’ve seen so far, they can literally make anything. 

Getting to Turtle Island is also part of the fun. Our favorite part is the last leg of the journey: after an 11-hour flight from LA and 1-hour shuttle from the airport, a 45-minute seaplane ride is an airborne slice of island adventure.

Once there, Turtle Island cultivates a sense of community for staff and guests alike through daily activities and nighttime festivities. Dinners are served nightly at a long communal table so that by the end of the week, you find that you’ve formed bonds out of shared experiences with people from all over the world. The after-dinner star is kava, a drink made from the root of an indigenous Fijian plant with natural semi-hallucinogenic properties. The hotel’s nightly kava ceremony is the perfect euphoric ending to a tropical evening.

Turtle Island’s kava ceremony is just one example of ever-present Fijian culture and tradition throughout the resort, and this sense of authentic Fijian history has been central to our redesign plan. On our first visit to the resort, we foraged the island, trekking around neighboring villages and digging into the history of the island. One of the most inspiring discoveries we made were the patterns that exist in historic Fijian design. At Consort, we love pattern and we love black-and-white, so we are excited to create custom textiles and artwork inspired by Fiji’s natural environment and traditional handmade designs.

One of the most unique aspects of Turtle Island is the private beach experience, where guests can reserve any of the island’s 7 private beaches for the day. The hotel staff packs everything you need and takes you off-roading across the island, dropping you off on your own private beach with a walkie-talkie to radio your driver when you're ready to leave. It's the most luxurious experience we've ever had. And we can’t wait to work with the Turtle Island staff to take this experience to the next level as a part of our redesign.

At the end of the day, we are designing a Turtle Island experience for the creative traveler who has been everywhere, but is hungry for something truly unique and new. We feel lucky to call this another day at the office.

What’s your favorite unique island vacation destination? Add an umbrella to your drink and sound off in the comments.

Photos courtesy of Mat Sanders

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