Feeling Some Party FOMO? We've Got The Fix

We've got the cure for what ails you.

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Feeling bad that you missed our party at Consort LA? Yeah, we don't blame you. It was a seriously great time.

But fret not! We're big proponents of the power of retail therapy to cure what ails you, including a mega case of FOMO, so we've got just the prescription: a huge dose of beautiful new products to help you shop the pain away. 

See below for a party tour from our intrepid host Mat Sanders, and then keep scrolling to take home a party favor of your very own. 




"Lamont" by Laura Naples of NG Collective Studio ($3000)

"Leland" by Laura Naples of NG Collective Studio ($3000)



Gemma Vase in Marine by PAX Ceramics ($55)


Unda Vase in Rose by PAX Ceramics ($155)


Terrazzo Classic Wedge Prop by Besler & Sons ($125) 

Terrazzo Personal Pan Pizza Prop by Besler & Sons ($175)

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