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We here at Consort are far from prudish. Like all good red-blooded aesthetes, we enjoy a little tipple, toke, and tush every now and then. Our doctrine, when it comes to indulging this lower brow side of our human nature, is that if you're going to be bad, at least look good doing it. 

With that philosophy in mind, we've collected some of the chicest ways to get your freak on. Whether your particular vice is of the herbal, boozy, or carnal variety, we've got you covered with the most stylish ways to indulge. Keep reading to find the best tool for your job.


For the stylish stoners...

Ceramic One Hitter by KLAI ($35)
One Hitters By Lux/Eros ($65)

For you stealthy sippers...

Bracelet Flask by Areaware ($35)
Conducter Flask by Surname Goods ($175)
The Moscow Mule Carry-on Cocktail Kit ($24)

For you potty-mouths...

Expletive Sh*t Cup by Robert Seigel ($40)
Expletive F*ck Cup by Robert Seigel ($40)

Brass "The Finger" Hand ($185)


For the Peeping Toms...

"let's eat out more" by Matt Maust ($235)

"Embroidered Boob" by Nicole Cohen ($550)


And for those of you in need of a few bad influences...

Total Excess by Dagon James and Michael Zagaris ($60)
California Girls by Sasha Eisenman ($50)

Stay Stylish.

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