What Makes A Good Sofa A Good Sofa?

The 4 hallmarks of a quality piece of furniture. 

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True style comes from being more than just a pretty face, and the same thing rings true for furniture, too. There are tons of sofa options out there, and they all manage to look cute on Pinterest, so how are you supposed to suss out the quality ones from the duds? Especially if you're sourcing online and not able to perform the all-important sit test in person, the process of selecting a new piece of upholstery can feel incredibly daunting. 

Luckily, there are four main hallmarks to look out for that can help you determine if the object of your upholstered affection is a stalwart sofa superstar, or a sad sack destined to be set out on the sidewalk. Let us break them all down for you: 

#1: Style, duh.

This is a pretty big no-brainer, but bears mentioning. As it's typically the largest piece of furniture in a room, a sofa establishes the tone for the space's decor. You've got to make sure this scene-setter is telling the story you want. Are you going for a casual coastal vibe?A laidback loft? Daring deco? Luxurious lounge? A sofa with a defined look not only saves you from the dreaded "everyone has this sofa" scenario, but also lays the foundation for a stellar design story. 

Penelope Sofa (From $3795)

#2: Customization Options

So you've found the style you want. Great! Now comes the fun part: customization. With a quality sofa, you should be able to tweak every aspect of its construction to achieve the form and function you're after. Want that loveseat 2 inches longer so you can fully recline while watching Netflix? Done. Want to add contrast blanket stitching that matches your vintage Arne Norell safari chairs? You got it. Wish the leg stain coordinated with your ebonized hardwoods? It's a snap. Customization allows even the most discerning clients the opportunity to build pieces that perfectly match their designs and desires.

Emile Sofa (from $2285)

#3 Ecologically Sustainable Materials

You've heard of fast fashion, and the societal and ecological damage it can wreak on workers and the environment, but did you know that there's also fast furniture, guilty of the exact same sins?

Yes, many large furniture companies use churn-and-burn fabrication methods that promote quantity over quality, having huge detrimental impacts on the environment, factory laborers, and ultimately, your furniture's quality.

Look instead for sustainable, ecologically-friendly construction methods that include the use of recycled coils, non-toxic glue, and FSC-certified hardwood. All of our upholstery items are made using these methods, resulting in sofas as easy on the planet as they are on the eyes.

Mabel Sofa (from $4940)

 #4 Handmade Construction

When seeking out your next sofa, look for the keywords "handmade" or "handcrafted." The investment in strictly handmade furniture guarantees quality product by preserving centuries of time-honored crafting traditions, and also supports a vital maker movement, providing employment for real live humans in the face of increasing mechanization. 

One of the those details of craftmanship that can only be achieved by hand is the construction of 8-way hand-tied springs. As opposed to webbing, sinuous-, or drop-in coil springs, which are all prone to sagging and "sit fatigue," 8-way hand-tied springs are yep, you guessed it, coils which are laboriously hand-tied to the frame from side to side, front to back, and diagonally, resulting in unparalleled support, softness, flexibility, and comfort.


Greyson Sofa (from $2485)

So now that you know how to identify sofas built with style and quality, where do you actually find them? We're so glad you asked.

We're proud to announce that our new line of endlessly chic upholstery is not only fully customizable, but handmade here in the USA with 8-way hand-tied springs and sustainable materials.

Click here to browse the selection, and drop us a line at shop@consort-design.com if you have any further questions.

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