"Eye See" by Matt Maust

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Mixed media floating in a white frame. Original artwork by Matt Maust. 


18"w x 24"h

artist statement

I spend a lot of my life touring, and making things during that time. Either at hotel rooms, music venues, or wherever. I tend to hoard it all, having a very hard time throwing anything away. I seem to just throw it in my studio whenever I can which means the studio gets messy, and I have to then solve the problem of doing something with all the pieces. I start layering all the scraps and over time they become what they are. I’m not trying to invent any sort of emotion with these, nor am I trying to deny any emotion.


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Meet The Maker

Matt Maust

Matt Maust is one of our favorite artists we carry in the shop. His work is a chaotic layering of ideas, materials, and colors- just like his Los Angeles art studio. In Atwater Village, Matt Maust’s space is a complex, messy room spilling over with the materials that inspire, instigate and incite his art.

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