"Layla" by Laura Naples of NG Collective Studio

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Acrylic on canvas framed in natural maple. By Laura Naples of NG Collective Studio.


25.25"w x 31.25"h


A graphic designer turned painter, Laura Naples employs color, stroke, layering and varied use of media in an abstract style. Experimenting out of her Hudson, Ohio studio, her work and surroundings are an evolving study in arrangement of movements, rhythms, and stimuli. Inspired by interiors, dance, fashion, and live with her husband and two young children, Laura's method often involves planning and studied composition. She is more at ease with the order over chaos, but is thrilled by inspired episodes that drive the creative process on autopilot.


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Meet The Maker

NG Collective

NG Collective Studio is comprised of the artistic works of sisters Laura Naples and Kristen Giorgi. Their work represents a creative conversation between best friends. Each work offers a unique perspective unified by a shared aesthetic employing color, stroke, layering, and varied use of media in abstract and figurative style. From early days, the sisters began to visualize in tandem, which started the development of their visual language. A sense of this relationship is present in their body of work, even as the artists work independently. Each offers contributions and influences the others’ work through ongoing text and phone critiques. The artists’ greatest inspiration lies in the observation of how the other is leaning in her thoughts and processes, how each perspective differs, and the moments where they coincide. 

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